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IndustryGeniuses for Non-Profit

Supporting Non-Profit, Charities and High Education institutions to unlock new revenue streams

Build a more connected culture. A stronger community. A brand people trust. With corporate purpose that does it all, easily and efficiently.

Our B2B Solutions for Non-Profit Firms

Raise Awareness

Utilizing extensive expertise in B2B marketing and strategic communications, we offer precise tools to enhance your charity's visibility. Whether amplifying awareness for a social cause or maximizing impact through events, our tailored campaign strategies align with your non-profit's mission and objectives.

Drive Donations

We collaborate to develop effective fundraising campaigns tailored to your donors. From concept to execution, we prioritize clear, compelling messaging. Crafting newsletters, donation appeals, and event invites, we drive action and enhance donor retention. Our data-driven approach ensures ongoing optimisation.

ABM and Content Marketing

Our Account Based Marketing campaigns engage and inspire supporters, from individuals to large brands. Skilled content creators produce resonant materials, including stakeholder maps, social media posts, blogs, press releases, and videos.

Why Choose IndustryGeniuses
Why Choose IndustryGeniuses

IndustryGeniuses is a global B2B Growth Marketing and Distribution platform. We deliver industry tailored campaigns to identify strategic growth opportunities across disruptive use cases such as GEN AI, Sustainability, Social Impact, Big Data, Digital Health, and Retail Media etc.





B2B Campaigns

Revenue Impact

High Impact Use Cases

Industry Analysts

Some of our Non-Profit Campaigns
Image by Money Knack

In celebration of Payroll Giving Month, we've been privileged to collaborate with a remarkable non-profit organisation spearheading their outreach...

Image by Katt Yukawa

At GivingForce, we are dedicated to supporting non-profit organisations in their mission to make a positive impact.Through collaborative efforts we assisted them by crafting...

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