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IndustryGeniuses is the official launch partner for Payroll Giving Month in UK

In late 2020, a group of payroll giving fundraisers decided to fulfil a long-term ambition to deliver a space in the calendar for the promotion of Payroll Giving. Historically, Payroll Giving has lacked visibility compared to other areas of fundraising so, inspired by campaigns such as Remember a Charity which once a year promotes legacy giving, it was decided that it was time for that to change. Born out of the Payroll Giving Forum (a group of charities with large Payroll Giving programmes), the founding member charities got to work on creating a new campaign to be released in February 2021.

During late 2020, the sector was still coming to terms with the impact of Covid-19 so the first campaign had little to no lead time and had to reflect the reality of the times, so the charities set to work and with the support of leading professional fundraising organisations, payroll giving agencies and industry bodies including the CIoF and the CIPP pulled together a social media-led campaign that aimed to increase awareness and income. The hashtag #lovePayrollGiving was born.


Numerous charities from large and national to small and local got in touch to offer their support for the campaign and to find out more about how they could unlock the potential for Payroll Giving. Engagement and support was amazing and we knew that this could offer a chance for the sector to shine a light on Payroll Giving and for charities to engage their donors and their supporting companies. Moving on we now have this website and we look forward to growing awareness of Payroll Giving each year. The sky is truly the limit.

About Payroll Giving Month
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Calls for UK businesses to step up their charitable giving this Payroll Giving Month, as charities struggle to stay afloat due to the cost-of-living crisis
  • Almost half (46%) of all charities are more in demand than this time a year ago.

  • 25% of the UK population gave less to charity in December 2023 than the previous year, representing a shortfall of funding of £3.2 billion.

  • Cost-of-living crisis causing 54% of parents to cut back on food spending for their family over the past 12 months, with a quarter (26%) selling possessions to feed the family.

  • Charity reserves are being used to cover income shortfall.

  • Only one in five organisations currently offer a payroll giving scheme.

Payroll Giving Month

​A group of charities and organisations such as Barnardo’s, the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIOF) are amongst payroll giving agencies and professional fundraising bodies who have come together this Payroll Giving Month in February to raise the profile of the issue and to ask businesses to step in and help.
Research shows only one in five organisations currently offer a payroll giving scheme to their staff. Payroll Giving (sometimes known as Give as You Earn) is an easy and tax-efficient way of making regular donations to charities straight from employees’ gross pay. Throughout February, companies are being urged to explore and learn about payroll giving through webinars, events and resources that will be shared across social media using the hashtag

Which Charities Can I
Give to?

All UK registered charities and charitable organisations are eligible to receive donations via Payroll Giving. See our Supporting Charities page for charities that are backing Payroll Giving Month.

More Information

If you would like more information on Payroll Giving please take a look at these resources:


HMRC Payroll Giving Agencies

Association of Payroll Giving Organisations(APGO)

Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIoF)

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