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GeniusesCast is the Podcast and Video streaming platform of IndustryGeniuses to unlock the secret recipe of innovation. We interview industry trailblazers, tech CEOs, and founders shaping the disruptive companies of tomorrow.

How Salesforce can help scale your tech startup: Insights from a Business Executive, Salesforce

How Salesforce can help scale your tech startup: Insights from a Business Executive, Salesforce

In this captivating podcast, we delve into the Salesforce ecosystem and its massive potential for SaaS based tech companies. Our host, Zeeshan Idrees, CEO of IndustryGeniuses, will be joining Simeon Rad, a well respected startup expert who works as a Business Executive ISVs at Salesforce. Tune in to gain valuable insights and learn from their combined expertise! Discover the intricacies of building and scaling a business on the Salesforce platform, uncover the latest trends and innovations within the industry, and gain valuable insights into the art of driving digital transformation for businesses across the UK and beyond. Join us as we explore the challenges faced, the lessons learned, and the strategies employed by successful ISVs in the Salesforce ecosystem. Whether you're an enthusiast, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a business professional seeking inspiration, this podcast promises to deliver a wealth of knowledge and practical advice. Immerse yourself in the conversation with Simeon Rad, Business Executive Salesforce ISVs, as he unlocks the secrets behind their remarkable achievements. Tune in to be inspired, enlightened, and equipped with the tools to elevate your own Salesforce journey. 0:00 - Intro 2:39 - What Leadership Means to Simeon 3:31- How Microsoft leader dealt with a setback 5:49 - Tips on Making a Startup Successful 8:19 - How You Can Make Use of Salesforce AppExchange 12:33 - Making a Team to Help Startups Scaleup 15:33 - The Important Question to Ask Yourself As a Leader 17:46 - When Is the Right Time to Start a Business 19:54 - Final Thoughts

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