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We help AppExchange ISVs connect with Customers via Industry Content.


According to Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B brands use Content Marketing to reach their Customers. Having an effective digital content strategy is one of the most effective ways to attract, engage and retain your target audience.


Our ‘Content’ service offering delivers industry insights and trends to key decision makers from the world’s largest industries such as Grocery, Consumer Goods and Healthcare. Think of Business Journalism that helps industry trailblazers innovate and shape their business for the future. Our unique business model creates an innovation ecosystem comprising both industry and start-up executives. This allows us to help industry trailblazers transform and thrive in the new age of Digital-first and post Covid-19.


We are developing ‘IndustryGeniuses’ as the #1 digital innovation platform globally to empower industry leaders with relevant trends, deliver disruptive use cases and drive growth in partnership with start-ups. We connect CEOs of AppExchange ISVs with C-level leaders through targeted campaigns centred around relevant use cases. This creates unprecedented value for all stakeholders.


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IndustryGeniuses provides the following Content Solutions for AppExchange ISVs to reach C-level Audience and drive new conversations:

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We curate industry news and innovations from highly respected media outlets to offer diverse points of view. Our readers are global decision makers from key industries including grocery, consumer goods and healthcare.


We offer our ISV partners targeted advertising to reach this highly engaged audience with relevant collaterals and creative that we can produce in-house.

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In the digital-first and post-Covid world, Virtual Webinars are set to become one of the most effective tools to engage with industry decision makers.


We set up Content Calendars for AppExchange ISVs with series of on-going webinars on topics of interest. We do all the background work to on-board the right audience, create content and deliver these webinars.

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Virtual Roundtables offer the right format to brainstorm digital disruptions that create maximum business value. With Virtual Roundtables, we bring a select list of industry leaders to discuss ideas and trends that are of strategic importance.


In partnership with AppExchange ISVs, we identify topics for roundtables that are relevant to both business leaders and ISV CEOs creating a win-win. 

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